web spinner
Web spinner
a web spinner


3 ft.


90 lbs.


poison spit,fangs

Web spinners are giant spiders mutated by t-virus infection. The virus brings about rapid growth in the spider and the ability to spit poison at its prey. Ironically, although called a "Web Spinner," they have evolved beyond the need for a web, preferring to chase and attack their prey more directly.

These spiders have kept their abilities to scale walls and ceilings and can often attack from unpredictable angles. They are however easily avoided, taking a moderate amount of damage before dying if fought. If killed, these spiders will often disgorge a large number of young spiders which can bite and generally harass you. This can be avoided by using fire-based weaponry which burns any babies the corpse may have been carrying.

Due to the Web Spinner's unpredictable nature, the B.O.W. research on it was suspended, and the subjects supposedly destroyed. A Web Spinner had a mutagenic reaction to the attempted killing. It became far more powerful and re-adopted the design of web building. This creature was known as the "Black Tiger".

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