white espinas
White espinas
a white espinas


15 ft.


1 ton.


poison fireball,teeth

The White Espinas is the second subspecies of Espinas . It has a milky white underbelly, with a very light grey carapace, finished with light purple thorns. This creature marks a completely new challenge for hunters. This new Espinas inhabits the Great Forest Peak just like the Azure Hypnocatrice . It uses moves similar to that of the other Espinas, but also a new, exclusive attack, that could devastate whole hunting parties, and change the course of the entire quest... it flies into the air, and fires a huge reddish-purple fireball to the floor; the blast created by this explosion fires a huge wave of fire and poison which envelopes vast swathes of the area. After the initial wave, various spots will still be on fire and poisonous, making them painful to traverse.

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