a witch


5-6 ft.


120-150 lbs.



The term witch has been derived from the old English noun, wicca, wicce, and wiccian, which all means to bewitch or to perform sorcery. Witches are believed to be a practitioner of witchcraft. In general, witches can refer to a sorcerer and a wizard.

Witches are skilled in sorcery and the magical arts. They know how to cast spells, charms, rituals, and invoking spirits. They can even manipulate the natural forces of the environment, either for good or for evil purposes.

Witches have been feared because they were thought to be vindictive whenever they cast spells upon others. Witches were believed to have the evil eye. Actually, witchcraft can be traced back to the Mesopotamians, particularly the Babylonians. Witchcraft involves divination, magic, and performance of supernatural acts.

Witches are feared because of their abilities. People believed that witches are evil people who are considered as the devil's followers. They believe that witches sold their souls to the devil in order to gain powers and abilities to perform witchcraft and cause death to other people. Because of these skills, those who are accused of performing witchcraft are either burned alive or hanged to death.

The term witch and sorcery began in the 17th century wherein the witch craze was widespread. Women are accused of being witches and doing witchcraft. In England, it was believed that a person had a deal with the devil, in exchange of the soul; the person would be able to perform dark magic that can hurt other mortals. The victims of witchcraft would see horrible visions and experience bizarre behavior and excruciating physical pain. During the 17th century, people who are accused of doing witchcraft are sentenced and hanged to death.

The word witch connotes a stereotypical image of a woman with a hooked nose wearing black robes and pointed hat. This comic presentation of witches is even used in movies and other fictional presentations.

Apparently, the word witch is complex and powerful. This is used as an accusation which caused death to numerous people. If used in paganism, it may refer to a religion. If the word refers to literature, it may mean various fictional characters. Obviously, this word has evolved through the years.

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