a xenomomorph






claws,tail,teeth,inner mouth

A Xenomorph is an alien life form that uses a host to breed. There are many stages in a xenomorph's life cycle. The first stage is the egg, which is a dark shade of green and is leathery. When there is movement near the egg the egg opens up and releases a facehugger . The facehugger clings to the nearest life form and shoots a tube down the host's throat, and implants the alien embryo. The facehugger then dies and falls off the host. A few hours later, the developed alien will burst out of the host chest in the form of a chestburster. The chestburster will shed many times and develop into an adult alien. Some aliens will develop into queen aliens, which lay the eggs.Aliens are primarily solitary ambush predators, although they have been known to adopt swarm tactics when acting in larger groups. Despite their voracious ability to kill, they often seek to take their victims alive to be hosts for more Aliens; victims are taken to the Hive (or simply a secluded location if there is no Hive present), cocooned and immobilized before being impregnated with an Alien embryo.

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