yama tsumaki
Yama tsumaki
a yama tsumaki


18 ft.


5 tons.


great thunderbugs,tentacles

 Yama Tsukami are amongst the oldest creatures known to hunters. Their hide is covered by Dragonmoss and Dragonwood. They have four tentacles and a pair of 'whiskers'. They also drop Dragonwood and Dragonmoss as rewards. When enraged, their normally red eyes glow yellow. Their classification as an Elder Dragon is simply due to the fact that they do not fit into any category, like the Kirin . This mysterious creature's place in relation to other monsters is completely unknown. Although of tremendous size, it is able to constantly stay up in the air with no support. Their attacks are slow but devastating.

They seem to have a symbiotic relationship with Great Thunderbugs , which lets them rest inside a Yama Tsukami's body until they mature. In return, the Great Thunderbugs assist them by attacking Hunters. These Thunderbugs can explode when they are near a Hunter, causing a good amount of damage to their target.

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