yoggy ram
Yoggy ram
a yoggy ram


5 ft.


170 lbs.


horns,sonic bursts

The Yoggy Ram is a medium-sized, goat-like Dream Eater . It has two large, colorful horn-shaped horns, that flow from yellow to red to blue, on its head, as well as a shorter, orange horn that emerges from a similarly-colored patch of fur in the center of its forehead. It has thin yellow eyes, a grey nose, and a black mouth. It has a shaggy, white, light green, and light blue mane that covers the front of its body, and a short, similarly-colored "beard" on its chin. It has a white body, with a red-pink spiral at the base of each of its legs and a similar red-pink mark that runs across its back. The Spirit Dream Eater symbol can be seen on its back, near its hindquarters. It has a short, green and blue brush-like tail, and the tips of its hooves are purple and blue.

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