a Zerureusu


12 ft.


2 tons.


teeth,spikes,elemental beams

Zerureusu is a bipedal flying wyvern with mainly ash-white coloring and strange crystal/spikes formations that exhibits inner blue glow similar to Cherenkov's Radiation that are distributed evenly across the shelled surface of its body, with exception of the lower neck, underbelly and wing membranes.Unlike the usual Rathalos species, there's few noticeable physical difference starting from head down:
  • The spikes on its wings are shorter and larger in number. Also, instead of started growing from metacarpus area on which a normal Raths grows, the spikes started from radius bone area.
  • The tips of its phalanx (fingers turned into wingtips) are more developed and looked as they have been sharpened to have a cutting edge, much like a Nargacuga's . Especially prominent are the hatchet-like structure in place of two spikes normally owned by Rathalos-kind.
  • The wing membranes are decorated with a scretched hexagonal pattern. The rims of the membranes also exhibited the same patterning, ended in making an allusion of a bird's wing instead of a wyvern's.
  • Its tail is of a larger proportion compared with other Rathalos species', and of different shape, lacking visible thagomizer and ended with a stout, sharp crystal on the tip.
  •  Zerureusu leaves trail of blue particles like Shanthien when flying.

Zerureusu is capable of using Light element attacks. It will also have a trail of red light from its eyes similar to Nargacuga,also the crystallized spikes on it's body grow in accordance to how it is hunted and they are also shot out as a defence to act like lightning rods.

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