zombie dog
Zombie dog
a zombie dog


3 ft.


70 lbs.



The Zombie Dog is a term referring to any canines (or at least of the domesticated variety) infected with the t-virus. They are separate from the MA-39 Cerberus in that the latter was created specifically as a Bio Organic Weapon.

Like their B.O.W. relatives, the zombie dogs retain much of their former agility, with a noticeable increase in durability and aggression. In most cases, potential prey should listen for the sound of padding paws as a clue to their presence, with a growling warning that a Cerberus has become aware of you and is preparing to attack. They will let out a pained yelp when killed.

Zombie dogs encountered during these two outbreaks typically roamed in packs of two or three and occasionally four, and adopted random attacking patterns. They frequently encircled the prey before charging in with a leaping attack, pinning them to the ground and ripping their throat out.

Some were encountered at random throughout Raccoon City by several survivors. A few found there way into Raccoon University . One broke into the Raccoon General Hospital in search of prey.

The Raccoon City outbreak is the only known event in which a non-doberman was infected - a labrador.

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